The 10 Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass: Following the series “Fishing with artificial lures”, it is the turn of the specific fishing lures by species. In addition, we will intersperse some articles with exhaustive tests with some of them so that you can extract all the juice to the best lures.

Today we are talking about the 10 best artificial lures to fish for sea bass, the queen of the sea, given the demand and passion for fishing.

Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

A lure to fish for seabass, first of all, has to have realism, as the sea bass are increasingly suspicious and must be offered faithful imitations (provided conditions permit) of the prey that feed on colors and sizes.

Other qualities are good casting ability if we talk about hard minnows and excellent mobility if we opt for vinyl since the market is very varied and we can often carry surprises.

We will try to fish with Saltwater lures, and bring enough variety in our box since these fish are also capricious.

We go with our list, which is not to be taken as a fixed rule or obliged to anyone, because sometimes, as is logical, also have personal tastes and manias. They are simply lists of decoys proposed as a reference, both for the newer ones, who will find a good tool for help, as well as for the most expert, who will always be able to discover some interesting lure that perhaps they have not yet been able to prove.

Mommotti 140 From Seaspin

Minnow of the Italian firm of perfect size for all types of waters throughout the Peninsula. Fourteen centimeters that are thrown of wonder thanks to his inner balls of tungsten that uses of counterweights, a brilliant movement with a base of wood & roll and a more than achieved jerking are the letters of presentation of this Slim minnow of slow sinking. The colors are of great quality and efficiency, like all of the brand, suitable for all times. It is a decoy that we will handle better with light equipment since it weighs 16gr., Ideal for quiet areas and not excessively moved.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Tide Minnow Slim 175 by DUO

When the waters are more moving, it will always be better to use larger and heavier lures that hold more water than lighter ones. The Tide 175 DUO is a classic and a killer is the northern areas, where a large part of the liqueur fans pay homage. It launches like a missile against the wind and we get a movement at a low speed more than tempting. The color chart has the DUO signature, so there is little to add… It is a little flimsy hook that we will do well to change them for more resistant ones and their high price, but it is worth some disbursement given its effectiveness and characteristics. This model is floating, if we want a sunken model with which to fish even with more water force and even to jerking, we have the option of using its twin brother, the Flyer.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Makkina 140 from IKR

A minnow that has recently broken into our waters, hand in hand with its exclusive distributor the great fisherman Bilbao, thanks to its qualities and its price, something to keep in mind in these times. It is of the sunken type perfect for fishing to jerking but is that at low speeds, which is the perfect collection for sea bass, it performs like a charm with a wobbling and very marked Rolling and is thrown very far thanks to its 32gr and its magnetic system of counterweights. 

Its low price could make us think badly about its duration, but it is that both its paint, which hold very well the saltpeter and the blows (with the usual exceptions that we all know of swipes against stones …) as their triple hooks VMC 9626 3X, they give robustness to a great decoy that we can not miss in those tumultuous waters where the last stone is grabbed like no other. Get more of these from this fishing lures online store.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Patxinco 100 of Xorus

This surface lure has something special that others do not have. I do not mean his great cast, the quality of its finishes, colors, and anchorites, everything already enviable in itself, if not to its attractive movement that takes out of its boxes to any sea bass, be in attitude and hunting or not. We get with him a “walk to the dog” very easy and achieved, sometimes submerges, splashes… come on, a whole repertoire that we already know fans of its use.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Sammy 100 by Lucky Craft

A big lure among the greats, who could have the honor without fear of being wrong, on their own merits, to occupy the number one among the best passers-by. Lucky Craft is synonymous of the best quality in the manufacture of decoys and with the Sammy, they offer a passer that comes out graceful in all the situations, as much by his perfect movement, immutable in all type of waters, as by his haul even with bad climatological conditions. Their colors so successful go crazy to the bass and the fishermen themselves! The American Shad is already a classic. In particular, the size 100 is already the standard size most used by top water fans with the sea bass and it has personally given me and keeps giving me many surface captures. Although it is not a cheap lure, in some fishing websites we can get it at reasonable prices.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Pro Q 90 from Seaspin

Another walker that must be carried in the box. Quality of their materials is enough, but it is that in fishing action develops a perfect wtd, in addition to removing many meters of the set. The size 90 imitates the ideal size of the small mullets that the seabasses hunt and with a pair of colors like the MUL and the GOR2 for example, we would have enough to cover any situation.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Z Realistic 100 by Kisuto

The Great Fisherman Bilbao is also the distributor of these effective vinyl shads that will give a lot to talk about. And they will do it for the quality of their vinyl, hard against some dentelladas but of great mobility, unfolding an incredible rolling along with a perfect vibration of his shovel. The colors are very successful and for sea bass, the size 100 becomes ideal, not ruling out the other measures of course. Currently, they are supplied in a pack of 3 to 5 bodies, at a scandal price, but soon they will come with their corresponding plumb lines, which will be even more effective if possible.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Black minnow 120

Little remains to be said about the revolution that the WB of Fish caused a few seasons ago. Softly textured vinyl shads that give it a realistic movement underwater, mounted with leaded heads with Texas system and articulated, thus giving the sample a total realism. There is a great variety of colors and measurements, as well as weights on their plumb heads. For the sea bass, it is ideal size 120 with the Shore head of 15 grams. The snag, its high price and a vinyl that suffers immediately with the dentures of predators, large and small. But his movement and realism are lethal.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

Rapala SSR7

You had to include a classic and of course, here Rapala plays with an advantage. This brand has declined given the demand for other brands by fishermen who have evolved much better in sea fishing. But some of its classic models are still insurmountable, better than many of its novel lures.

With the SSR7 we will not reach great distances, but with the light equipment, we can play with him in both shaded areas and shallower waters. This body, somewhat flattened on its sides, made of balsa wood and its characteristic bib gives the lure a peculiar swim that has brought out many sea basses from the sea. It is always interesting to give lure to lures that perhaps we have forgotten for years. The sea bass that inhabit our waters probably have not seen them go through their noses ever and are lures that continue to attract fish like the first day.

The Best Artificial Lures Fish Spinning Seabass

So far this list of artificial lures to fish for sea bass as a target. Soon we will focus on the other more sporting predatory species.

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