The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike

Welcome to a new post on the website! On this occasion, and after having finally finished the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in the Cross Country mode, I have returned to write an article with 10 of the best bicycles in the 2017 calendar. Already in 2016 and 2015 I wrote similar entries and were among the most read in the history of the blog (links here and here ), so after putting a lot of effort, I hope that the top of this season you like it too. I tried to highlight the most used bicycles by runners located in the first positions of the Ranking that the UCI officially establishes , so there are many alternatives that could have caught your attention that will not be in the article like the Mondraker by Carlos Coloma, the Radon by Mathias Flückiger, the Felt of Thomas Litscher or the Stevens of Mathieu Van der Poel among others .

    1.Scott Spark RC 900 Worldcup – Nino Schurter

It is the bicycle of the 2017 World Cup champion Nino Schurter. It maintains the base of last year, regarding the design of the painting. The provider of transmissions and brakes is maintained (Sram), as is the wheel (DT Swiss), Pedals (Ritchey) and Maxxis (replacing Dugast since mid-2016). On the other hand, the supplier of fork and shock absorbers has changed (previously it was DT Swiss, and now it is RockShox). As well as the supplier of several of the components of the bicycle, such as saddle, seatpost, handlebars, grips or power (before everything was of Ritchey and now it has passed into the hands of Syncros, the brand of components of the firm Scott).

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     2.Bianchi Methanol CV – Stephane Tempier

The bike of the MTB World Cup runner-up, Stéphane Tempier, has seen how his Bianchi Methanol CV has undergone some major changes regarding its components ( which has been quite interesting ). The suspensions are now in charge of Fox (formerly Formula), the brakes and transmission are Shimano (formerly Formula and Sram, although the transmission continues to mix certain parts of FSA, as it was done in previous years) and the supplier of saddles is Fi’zi: k(before Selle San Marco). The rest of the bike remains and remains one of the most spectacular models of the circuit.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


      3.Cannondale Scalpel-SI Team – Maxime Marotte

This has been the first year of Marotte in Cannondale after leaving the BH team. His Scalpel SI Team undergoes very few modifications concerning the models that were seen in previous seasons ( except for the update of some models, the incorporation of the telescopic seat post and that now mounts the Look pedals ). Still with everything remains one of the most characteristic models of the world and of higher quality.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     4.MMR Kenta 29 – David Valero

This is the Spanish bike best placed in the classification of this season in the World Cup and also led by the best Spanish cyclist this year: David Valero ( who took much of the 2nd season, besides being the champion of current Spain and having been about to take the victory in the European until he suffered a problem on the bike) . This Kenta 29 “is an evolution with respect to the models of previous years ( in fact this prototype has served to develop the final version that will go on sale in the market soon) making it the best MMR competition model in double suspension to date. It has been one of the most important changes to tables for this change of season towards 2018.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     5.BH Lynx Race – Jordan Sarrou

After an exhaustive development last season, here comes one of the most desired bicycles on the part of the Spanish public: the XC bike in double suspension of the famous Basque brand BH. Ranked second in this ranking within the Spanish models, has been taken by one of the most promising international brokers: Jordan Sarrou. At the component level, this bike differs from the models of last season in which the pair in transmission and brakes of FSA with Shimano is abandoned, to enter fully with Magura (brakes), Sram and Rotor(transmission). Michelin, Mavic, and SR Suntour continue with the same role within the team and their bikes.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     6.BMC Fourstroke 01 – Julien Absalon

By his classification in the World Cup could well have highlighted the immense role of Titouan Carod , better situated than Absalon, but since Julien is possibly the best runner of all time in XC (and one of the most loved by the fans), I wanted to continue to highlight your machine for above your teammate. In essence, it is the same bike as the previous year, except for a small change in the tire supplier (formerly Continental, now Vittoria). Although his picture at first glance is not as spectacular as that of other more striking solutions, it is one of the best in the world regarding quality, robustness, and behavior.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


    7.Trek Top Fuel – Anton Cooper

Anton Cooper was the great addition to Trek for this season and the sports year has had (for good). It is one of the corridors with the greatest projection in the world at the moment, and it is also with one of the most competitive machines. Although with respect to previous seasons there is nothing to emphasize ( since there are no notable differences at the component and frame level ), yes we must note as a curiosity that Anton is a relatively short runner and to adapt the bike that has ( with wheels of 29 “obligatorily ) the best possible to your size takes Avery radical inverted power (49º).

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     8.Focus O1E Team – Florian Vogel

This is about the bike of the current European champion: Florian Vogel. Although concerning the last season, year in which this model was developed and came to light, it presents few differences when maintaining the same suppliers of tires, wheels, transmission, brakes, fork and shock absorber. However, the fists and the saddle are new on a bike that still has a short course in competition but full of success.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     9.Specialized S-Works Epic – Jaroslav Kulhavy

This is the bicycle of one of the best cyclists in the world: Jaroslav Kulhavy (who due to different health problems this year has not been able to perform at his maximum level). Interestingly this is one of the most desired machines by the public ( since we are talking about one of the flagships of Specialized ), but has the peculiarity that it is one of the less modified bikes with respect to its model of sale in stores, since they hardly change some things like their brakes (from Magura in the Kulhavy version), their development(It has an amazing 40 tooth plate, when the factory version is 32) and also its cuffs are of another model (also within the catalog of the Specialized itself).

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


     10.American Eagle Atlanta 2.0 – Hans Becking

To finish, I wanted to do it by showing you a bike that probably many do not know and that therefore its appointment with the consequent exclusion of more popular models will cause some controversy than another. It is a new brand called American Eagle, which in a few weeks will launch its first model: the Atlanta 2.0. Its flagship runner, Hans Becking, is not excessively mediatic nor a regular in the top positions of the World Cups, although thanks to his perseverance at the time of participating in different scoring events of the UCI calendar, it has been erected as one of the best classified in the world ( at the moment I’m writing the post is 12th ). Interestingly, this brand did not bet on its competition team with Sram to install its Eagle model (as it would play a little with its name), but seeing the list of components that should not ignore its quality. I must emphasize that Hans rides on his bike couplings (horns) in the purest Hermida style, although I could not find any photo of the team that was seen with quality.

The 10 Best Bikes of the 2018 Mountain Bike


  To End

Up to here, today’s article has arrived! I hope you liked it! If so, I’d love you to tell me in comments which one is your favorite and why. If you also liked the post a lot, I would love you to help me in its diffusion through social networks, since it has taken me a long time to do it ( collecting information through the web, contrasting photographs, looking for all the models ) and it is a magnificent way to so that the post reaches more people.

I also hope not to suffer plagiarism from the post this year! Although I know that this is a lost cause, since it happens every season with this post because in general it takes too much time to search all this information and until someone does not give the beating to collect and write nobody on their own initiative brings a detailed list of components.

And you? Which bike do you like the most? And the least? Which components have caught your attention? Is there something you would like to highlight?

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