Tactical Watches – My Top 5 Favorite Models for Everyday, Camping & Crisis

Here I introduce the best tactical watches. These types of military watches are perfect for use in harsh environments and for people looking for a reliable and durable watch. Not all of us are in a military special unit and must fight alone through the jungle while a hostile guerrilla army is following him, but there are some professional and interest groups that can benefit from a good tactical watch:

  • climber
  • walker
  • Backpacker
  • Hunter
  • camper

Tactical watches with GPS function are not presented in this comparison since their battery often only holds a few hours or days and therefore not really for emergency outdoor use in question. Here we go!

Tactical Watches: What Should Be Considered When Buying?

Battery Performance

I present you only tactical watches, which are equipped with very good and long-lasting batteries. Most will last at least a year without change – that should be enough for a longer stay in the wilderness, right?


Clearly, tactical clocks or all types of military watches should be very resistant, because that is precisely their task besides the many technical functions. Each of the featured watches is made of highly durable material and can withstand the harshest weather and operating conditions. In addition, all models are naturally waterproof and shock-resistant.


Tactical watches are generally expected to come in military colors. So in black, green, brown or olive. Who wants to expose himself to the potential attacker in the jungle through a garish yellow clock? You do not have to worry about the proper care, the watches are precisely designed to withstand any harsh influence.

Features and Functions

The year is 2016, and accordingly, modern tactical watches should have all the functions that are technically possible. Old military collection watches are a nice thing, but this is the absolute top models with exciting features like:

  • compass
  • altitude
  • barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Storm Alarm Warner
  • Sunrise / set function
  • lunar Calendar
  • Etc.

Casio Rangeman GW9400-3

The Casio Rangeman GW9400-3  is a tactical watch that is washed with all the waters. Any outdoor freak looking for a reliable and wear-efficient watch is right here. The Casio has a so-called triple-sensor technology, which includes the following functions:

  • altimeter
  • barometer
  • compass
  • thermometer

When navigating in the wild, one of the altimeters and the compass helps. With the barometer you can predict the weather, which is especially if you have to set up a tent to sleep in the open, for example, can be worth gold. With the built-in thermometer, not only the air temperature but also the water temperature can be measured – but this function should be taken with a little caution since the body temperature has an influence on the thermometer.

In order to guarantee an accurate time for a long time, it will be updated about 6 times a day by radio signal and corrected if necessary. The entire design of the Casio is designed for durability and functionality because that’s what matters in extreme situations. All buttons and functions are also easy to use, for example when wearing gloves.

Tactical Watches - My Top 5 Favorite Models for Everyday, Camping & Crisis

The battery is rechargeable by built-in small solar cells – but should you be trapped longer in a cellar, for example, then this is no problem for the tactical clock – without contact with the sun, the battery lasts a full 8 months. In addition to these functions, the Casio, of course, has the familiar functions such as a timepiece, stopwatch and much more. All in all, the  Casio Rangeman GW9400-3 is  a solid watch and is ideal for the following uses:

  • military
  • Police / special forces
  • Hiking/trekking
  • Mountaineering / Backpacking / Hunting

Casio Pro-Trek  PRW-6000Y-1ER

The  Casio Pro-Trek  PRW-6000Y-1ER  is a true battleship and follows a different strategy with its pointer display combination than the Casio Rangeman. The design is not quite as military and coarse as the Rangeman but rather lies at the interface between sporty, elegant and military. The watch case centerpiece is embedded in a small metal frame, which promises additional stability. These are the most important functions or properties of the watch:

  • altimeter
  • compass
  • Altimeter
  • thermometer
  • barometer
  • storm alarm
  • Solar rechargeable-battery
  • Atomic time update by radio

Most of the above functions are displayed on the watch’s digital display. If the pointers do not overlap this display, there is a handy feature that allows the hands to temporarily “retreat” to a position where they are less disturbing. This tactical watch is tough to take and keeps temperatures down to -10 degrees.

Tactical Watches - My Top 5 Favorite Models for Everyday, Camping & Crisis

The battery is repeatedly charged via the built-in solar module, but theoretically, you could spend six months in the pure darkness and the clock would still work. As with the Rangeman, the time is updated several times a day via the atomic-time radio signal. The Casio Pro-Trek is an extremely versatile yet sleek and wearable tactical watch whose only real drawback is its price.

Suunto Elementum Terra

The Suunto Elementum Terra comes from Finnish production and is a very special tactical watch, which can be worn by their inconspicuous appearance also wonderful in everyday life. The stainless steel case gives the watch the necessary stability and the sapphire crystal withstands even the heaviest loads. Suunto has the following features:

  • altimeter
  • Weather trend indicator
  • 3-D compass

Tactical Watches - My Top 5 Favorite Models for Everyday, Camping & Crisis

Timex T49928 Expedition

The Timex T49928 Expedition is the cheapest model among the tactical watches presented here. The watch convinces anyway and has a housing made of synthetic resin. It has the following functions:

  • Digital compass
  • Chronograph
  • Countdown Timer
  • different alarm functions

The sturdy case of the Times is made of synthetic resin. Unfortunately, features such as altimeter, barometer or thermometer are missing, but if you consider the price around 70 Euro, then it is difficult to expect more.

Tactical Watches - My Top 5 Favorite Models for Everyday, Camping & Crisis

Nevertheless, the Timex is a good, reliable and high-quality watch that is ideal for people who do not want to put so much emphasis on special gadgets and do not want to spend a lot. Due to its excellent features and workmanship for a small price, Timex is listed here.


To every good tactical equipment in addition to a good survival knife and military backpack also includes a high-quality tactical watch. Depending on the equipment and function, this can help you in a tough situation to hit home again. In the end, however, it depends on what you have a tactical clock and what you would like to use them. An amateur camper might do well with the Timex, whereas the outdoor freak, who has already seen everything, tends to grab a Casio top model.

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