Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season

Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season

Most deer hunters eagerly wait for the rifle season. Usually, it lasts for approximately two weeks. Did you know that if you wound a deer but fail to kill it instantly it hides in a thicket until it fully recovers? Here are essential deer hunting strategies to consider.

Hunting Time

When embarking on a hunting expedition, it’s wise to hunt before noon. Typically, deer feed at night. After setting your trap, hide in a tree stand for a while as you monitor the trap. In the afternoon, you might be lucky to get a restless deer approaching the trap.

Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season


You can erect a tree stand close to one need of a thicket. There should be adequate vegetation to conceal the trap. Often, deer don’t follow a particular route when moving from their feeding and sleeping spots. Place the stand amidst great ravines.


Expert hunters recommend one to be in the prone position when hunting. After spotting the buck, walk stealthily toward it while holding your rifle firmly. Study the animal first before making another move.

Once you get close, get a comfortable position by placing your elbows on the ground. Focus crosshairs behind the animal’s shoulder and shoot. Be patient when making a distant shot while taking cover. It’s also critical to adjust your scope’s magnification appropriately.

Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season


In most American states, the rifle season starts toward the end of October. You can hunt deer in cutovers, unoccupied woodland thickets, and fields. However, as the season progresses, many guides and outfitters recommend hunting in tree stands or isolated thickets. Deer are highly sensitive to gunfire and human scent.

Bucks and does are known to spend much of their time in isolated thickets. If some animals leave cover during the day, the rest of the herd moves in at night to browse. Therefore, it may be hard to get a clear view of all the animals from a thick bush.

Still Hunt

Generally, deer adopt new feeding patterns in the middle of the hunting season. You may get out of your tree stand and slip hunt. You also can creep into nearby draws especially when the ground is partially snowy.

Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season


Modify your seat to aim at the deer while placing your back against a tree. After spotting deer, lean forward and set the rifle against the stand. Take your aim.

Rattling Horns

Consider hunting after the second week of the rifle season. Although deer might still be roaming around, cracking horns in adjacent lands may scare them off as it distorts their usual movement patterns. Set up rattles in distant thickets. Avoid using aggressive rattling as it may prevent deer from approaching the blind. Instead, make a light rattle when a buck gets out of shooting range. Alternatively, you can rattle horns after the season’s first two weeks.

Hunting Strategies for Rifle Season

Hunting late in the rifle season increases your chances of catching game. Bucks tend to abandon their usual spots and approach does. Place several tree stands and ambush them as they move from their feeding areas to resting spots.


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