How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Mountain bike – is designed for outdoor activities and has recently gained great popularity. Unlike simple and highway bicycles, which have not changed in recent years, the mountain bike is constantly evolving, and its design is being improved by the manufacturers.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

The main difference between a mountain bike and others is wide wheels, 1.5 to 2 inches instead of the usual 20 to 40 mm (1 inch = 25.4 mm). Slightly reduced and the diameter of the wheels, in contrast to the road bike, 26 inches instead of 700 mm. The mountain bike frame has a special geometry, and the carriage is positioned so that it is convenient to travel over rough terrain. A large number of gears, from 21 to 27, with a fairly wide range of gear ratios, makes it possible to ride at any elevation difference. Mountain bikes can be operated in any extreme conditions, but the requirements of convenience and management efficiency play a significant role, not less than the weight of the bicycle itself. That is why the damper forks, hydraulic brakes, as well as other new developments,  appeared exactly in the MTV class.

Mountain Biking – Hardtail

This type includes bicycles, which do not have a rear shock absorber. Translated from English, it sounds like a hardtail. Most often, such a bicycle is used for walking on rough terrain, as well as to participate in competitions in such forms as bike cross, country cross, street, trial, slalom. By design, they can be rigid – these are bikes that do not have a front shock absorber or a shock-absorber (front suspension). To overcome the weight of the bike, as well as to improve its running characteristics, they are made mainly of aluminum alloys.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike – Doubles

Bicycles that have shock absorbers for the front and rear wheels are best suited for cross-country skiing, as the shock absorbers work to smooth out the jolts, and thus significantly improves bicycle handling and improves driving comfort.


This group is represented by bicycles with a wheel diameter of 26-28 inches, equipped with brakes with anti-lock, and a spring seat post, which ultimately creates conditions for safe and comfortable driving. They are not adapted for driving in difficult conditions with maximum loads. With a group of “mountain bikes,” they are united only by the structure of the frame.

And now let’s talk about how to choose the best mountain bikes under 300 for yourself and how much you are feeling to pay for such a miracle of technology.

Group of Bicycles Costs From 250 USD.

Structurally, such bicycles consist of: a chrome-molybdenum frame, a single rim, a rigid fork, attachments such as Shimano C-101, Shimano Sis, etc. The service life with active use is 1.5 – 2 years. But if you consider to care of your bike, follow the rules of operation, carry out maintenance in time, then your bike will serve you a lot more.

Group of Bicycles Costs from 400 USD

Bikes of this level are equipped with an aluminum frame, a front shock absorber with a stroke of more than 60 mm, attachments of the Shimano Alivio class and above to the Deore LX class, the presence of double rims, on models costing closer to $ 700. These bicycles are designed for people who, when buying a bicycle, want to purchase equipment with long service life. A person, having good physical training, will be able to make long trips traveling up to 80 km per day and without doing stops for repair or adjustment of the running gear. The duration of the trip can be quite large since the equipment of a bicycle of this level easily withstands any weather conditions and even dirt.

Skating Style

Now we need to determine the style of riding. If you are going to buy a bicycle for the first time, then, in that case, you should not buy a very expensive model. You have not yet decided which style you like best, and most importantly, if you do not have enough experience, you will not be able to evaluate the full potential of your bike.

Bike lovers are divided into several separate categories or groups. Let’s look at each individually.

If you are a free-rider- then your element is speed, jumps, drop-offs and you do not like any restrictions, you go wherever you want. Freeriders call their versatile bikes. Such bicycles are ready for use in any discipline. But such a thing as freeriding is quite extensive. Therefore, manufacturers of bicycles, which are represented as freeriding, can differ from each other.

Freerider is best to buy two pendant bicycles, but if you are fond of dart jumping and city skating, then you’d better get a hardtail. The course of suspension in these bicycles starts from 100mm and sometimes can exceed 200mm. When selecting a growth, you should use all your imagination, but to all this, you should adhere to one rule – the frame of the bike should not be very large, that is, up to 19 inches,

If you are a fan of cross country, then this says about one thing – you are not looking for easy ways, you can shoulder any load and rugged terrain your favorite place. Cross-country races are the most common discipline. To date, cross-country is included in the program of the Olympic Games; no other discipline has received such recognition.

In cross-country, there are both heavy climbs and technical, very fast descents. The main requirements that are presented to the rider are strength and endurance, but the technique of driving also takes the last place. If you started to take the first steps in the world of mountain biking, then all this will be a good starting point. You will be able to acquire the necessary basic skills of bicycle management and as a result will get an excellent physical shape.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Bicycles produced by manufacturers for cross-country are designed for the most rational use of your efforts, they are, in fact, the most high-speed off-road bicycles. By its design, the bicycle must be extremely rigid and light. Therefore, aluminum frames are best for these purposes, without a rear suspension. The optimum fork stroke should be 80 mm and should not exceed 100 mm. When choosing a bicycle, you should follow the following rules.

If your height is 165-168 cm, then the most optimal for you will be a frame of 16-17 inches; with a height of 169-172 cm for men 18-19 inches, and for women 17-18 inches; respectively, at 173-180 for women 18-19 inches, and for men 20-21 inches and finally, for growth above 180 cm the size will be 21 inches and above. But it should be kept in mind that such indicators, for each manufacturer can have its own dimensions. It must also be remembered that when you are sitting on the saddle, the foot on which the support rests must be slightly bent, but in no way straight. The distance between the groin area and the upper tube of the frame should be at least 3-5 cm.

If you belong to a downhiller cohort, then it says that you love mind-blowing descents. For you, the most important thing is the impassability and speed, and the more off-road, the more enthusiasm takes you. Even not always the person will pass where you will rush on your bike. Your motto is always down. Bike for downhiller requires quite a lot of money. The frame for downhill is produced in two or three sizes and necessarily with shock absorbers both at the rear and in front. Weight does not matter. Here the most important thing is that the bicycle is extremely strong because the load on the bike will be huge. Of great importance is the quality of depreciation, so the course of the suspension starts only from 150 mm.

Well, if you are a triathlete- then for you there are no barriers! Stalls, curbs, parapets – all these obstacles are part of your reckless life. Constantly jumping on the front or rear wheel – for you the usual thing, you are used to surprising the public. The bike for a triage must be strong, but it should be extremely light. As always, the smallest frame, a large take-out, a hard fork, and what’s more important, good brakes!

If you consider yourself a dirt jumper, then you will have quite a lot of “fly”, a springboard, a springboard and once again a springboard and it does not matter what the height – 20 cm or 2 meters. Different difficulties and height are not a barrier to you. For a dislike bike, the most important thing is the frame. The hardtail is suitable for you, it is quite tough, strong and quite heavy just for good durability in the air. But a light freeride bicycle with a rear suspension can also come up. The frame should be extremely small in size to allow easy control of the bike, both in the air and on the ground.

Frame Size

Another of the main rules for choosing a mountain bike is the correct definition of growth.

The size of the frame is the distance from the axis of the carriage/axis of the system to the intersection of the end of the seat tube with a seat post and is measured in inches.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike
It is also recommended to purchase such useful things: protective equipment, helmet, flask, pump, a set of hexagonal wings, and a couple of spare cameras.

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