Highland Oliv Hunting Boots Multifunction

Highland Oliv Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Crispi Highland

The Highland boots of the Italian brand Crispi, break the traditional concept and are unbeatable against snow, water, and cold.

The boot brand Crispi, Italian, has been specialized since 1975 in mountain footwear, where snow, cold and rain are always present, forcing them to use the best materials because the medium is as demanding as the customer looking for this type of footwear.

This model that we present to you, the Highland, one of the models that matters J. Sichling & Co., is indeed innovative, unlike any other hunting boots.

To understand us, imagine a modern mountain boot that incorporates the latest technologies – starting with the sole – to give the foot maximum comfort, safety, and thermal insulation.

Well, to the boot we now incorporate, as we do so many hunters, a “stubble” to protect us from the water of the grass, the snow or some inopportune puddle.

Well, Highland boots, this is known to the Scottish Highlands, always soaked, perfects this concept by turning this “stubble,” which closes and adjusts with zipper and velcro, part indissoluble of the boot.

Against water and cold. The boot, developed together with Gore-Tex and therefore wholly waterproof and breathable, weighs little more than 700 grams, is made of nubuck leather and the rest in Cordura, one of the most resistant to abrasion and abrasion.

This case with treatment to repel the water. The boot is also gummed almost to the instep, isolating it more, protecting it from the lateral rubbing of stones and weeds and ensuring, even more, the union of the Cordura and the buck.

Highland Oliv Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Very Resistant to Water


The sole is another of its strengths. Developed by Vibram, it is thought to walk on wet floors, providing the maximum adhesion. Therefore we are before a light but robust boot at the same time, completely impermeable, breathable and hot.

I tried them half closed in a swamp, getting them in the water, the only possible option at this time. Although logically the water was not very cold, after several minutes I did not have the sensation of wet feet nor noticed any temperature drop, confirming its waterproofness and excellent thermal insulation.

Although we can use them in any modality of hunting already entered the fall, I I imagine ideal for those days when the earth is slippery, soft and full of water, or in those fields with grass or grass soaked with dew.

Our feet will remain dry and warm, and the boots will not have gained weight as they are prepared to repel water and mud.

It will not stand out in a stall located in the heart of a shady, raining even and very cold, although under these circumstances is the model Finnland, all in nubuck. Crispi brings to our country most of the hunting models to cover all the needs of the hunter.

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