Best Radios for Buyers

The walkie-talkies allow you to send voice messages in environments where other means of communication do not work. There are different types of these devices, differing in the operating ranges of the waves. Some walkie-talkies are designed for the city, they well suppress interference on the air. Others – for use in the forest, on the river or in the sea, with the help of such walkie-talkies transmit messages over long distances. Therefore, you can not choose a better radio, without regard to the conditions of its operation. We will help you to understand what kind of walkie-talkies are and what they are intended for. You will learn about the most popular models among the most common types of walkie-talkies.

Best Radio for Use Outside the City: for Hunting and Tourism


With an external minimalist design this radio has a full set of necessary functions. This radio is designed to operate in three frequency bands: VHF4, UHF, LB.

The device is equipped with a transmitter in 6W and a transmitter with a sensitivity of 0.25 μV. This device is reliable, it is well protected against water and dirt, and also has a housing capable of withstanding a fall from a two meter height. Antenna manufacturers made a removable so that if necessary it could easily be replaced. The radio remembers 16 communication channels and can operate in repeater mode. The battery, created with the use of technology Ni-MH, on battery life keeps the charge 11 hours. There is an indicator that the charge is coming to an end.

Best Radios for Buyers


This is an expensive model, which has practically no drawbacks. It works in the following ranges: VHF and UHF.

The power of its transmitter is 5 watts. When communicating at short distances, it can be reduced to reduce battery power consumption. The walkie-talkie has an indicator that shows the level of charge and the regime that provides economical consumption of electricity. The charge storage mode is automatically turned on. The device is capable of sending a signal to large distances of several kilometers. For negotiations at a distance of several kilometers, the power of the built-in antenna may be missing and it will be necessary to purchase another one.

The device has a durable housing, protected from moisture and dust, which does not break on a hard surface, falling out of the pocket. The monochrome radio display is highlighted. Also, have a backlight and rubber control keys. There is a regulator with which the frequency changes. You can connect a headset to the walkie-talkie to make conversations confidential. The radio sets a password, both on the mobile phone.

Best Radios for Buyers


A set of radios is designed for beginners and is relatively inexpensive. But accordingly, the functionality of the devices is limited. The radios operate in the PMR band, and the transmitter power is only 0.5W. This is enough to negotiate a few kilometers away. In an open area, the walkie-talkie catches signals within a radius of 8 km. The device can store 8 communication channels. The channel number is shown on a monochrome backlit display. The channels are switched using the button.

Best Radios for Buyers

The Best Professional Walkie-talkie

Best Radios for Buyers

The model has 4 communication channels and a powerful transmitter, which allows transmitting a signal within a radius of several kilometers. The device is designed to work in the ranges: VHF and UHF.

The walkie-talkie supports CTCSS coding to protect the privacy of conversations. The case is made of metal. It reliably protects the radio from impacts, falls from a height and moisture. Therefore, this walkie-talkie is suitable even for climbers and lovers of extreme sports. The antenna is removable, it can be replaced if necessary. The NiMH battery is designed for 19 hours of battery life. Users describe the device as an excellent walkie-talkie for private security companies.


Roger is famous for its radios on the market, which are popular with builders. Also, these devices are often used where there is no mobile communication.

This device, operating in two bands LDP and PMR, has simple control. It is equipped with a long antenna, which can easily be replaced. The transmitter power is only 0.4 W, but this is enough to maintain good communication within a radius of several kilometers. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic with a metal chassis reinforcement. The radio is also protected from moisture. You can connect a headset to the device.

The Best Car Radios


Ideal walkie-talkie for drivers involved in long-distance freight. It can capture 220 channels operating in the range of 26.965 – 27.855 MHz. The walkie-talkie is equipped with an LCD display. It well withstands negative temperatures.

The device has an ASQ noise reduction system that eliminates any interference in the air. The powerful microprocessor 3P8249XZZ-TWR9, manufactured by SAMSUNG, guarantees fast operation of the device.

Best Radios for Buyers


This is a powerful 400-channel mobile radio for a taxi. It has a large transmitter power, adjustable noise reduction level and microphone sensitivity. In the walkie-talkie, there is an ESP2 function that allows us to receive weak useful signals. The device can store and recall the last two channels.


This model of a car radio station is considered inexpensive, but in quality, it is not inferior to many known expensive walkie-talkies. The device has a non-volatile memory and a dual scan function. The walkie-talkie is easy to set up. Can receive 120 channels with Russian and foreign frequency grids. The walkie-talkie has an LCD display on which large characters reflect information.


This device is ideal for foreign trips. It receives signals at all European standard frequencies. The walkie-talkie is equipped with an LCD display. Information on the screen is displayed in large characters. The radio works in the CB-band and has a remote car antenna. The device has a filter for interference, so the quality of the received signal is always at a high level.

Best Radios for Buyers


This radio is most often chosen for collective trips. The output power of the signal is 8W. The device can operate on 240 channels using six frequency grids. The radio has nonvolatile memory. There is a function that allows you to select 4 channels for quick access. Has an ASQ noise reduction system. The device provides a button for a convenient transition from the European network to the Russian one.

Best River and Sea Radios

River Walkie-talkie VEGA VG-304

Vessels are needed to support inter-vessel communications, receive messages from controllers, as well as to transmit distress signals. VEGA VG-304 meets all the requirements for river walkie-talkies and the IEC529 standard IP54-IP55. It is recommended for use on river vessels by the River Register of the Russian Federation.

Best Radios for Buyers

What Radio Walkie-talkie

  1. For use outside the city, the Motorola GP340 will work best in 3 frequency bands. It is most often used by hunters and fans of hikes.
  2. Among the professional radios, the leader is the CP-040, which allows encoding the signal.
  3. If you need a professional radio for builders, the best among them is Roger KP-14.
  4. The best car radio MegaJet MJ-650. It is distinguished by the excellent sound of the received signal, good noise reduction. It has the largest frequency range. The radio can work both in the Russian network and in the European one.
  5. The best budget option is the car radio MegaJet MJ-200 +. It is easy to manage, can catch 120 channels in the Russian and foreign networks.
  6. VEGA VG-304 is suitable for river vessels.
  7. For marine navigation, the best radio will be Icom IC-M304.


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