Best Budget-friendly Surf Fishing Rods

Surf fishing is certainly one of the best forms of fishing. It is also quite different from other forms of fishing in that, fishing is done on beaches, right on the shoreline and it is much more demanding to the angler.

Best Budget-friendly Surf Fishing Rods

Therefore, carrying the right tools for surf fishing is paramount to succeeding at it. One particular tool that is really important in this kind of fishing is the fishing rod.

Fishing rods exist in such a wide array of sizes and build qualities that getting the right one for the job might be a very difficult task.

Some might even buy the expensive rods, hoping that their price means they have a higher build quality. However, this is not always the case. Some reasonably priced surf fishing rods are also quite good, and offer matching performance to the expensive ones. These Budget friendly fishing rods include:

1. Penn Prevail

This surf fishing rod has a carbon fiber outer shell that shields the rod blanks and guide wraps from damages, making it very durable. This carbon fiber outer construction also makes it very lightweight.

Combined with its long length, this lightweight rod is capable of long distance casting, making it ideal for catching big fish at the seaside.

It comes in 2 separate pieces that can be easily assembled and dismantled, making it very portable. These 2 pieces fit firmly together, giving you a long and strong rod, which withstand medium heavy action.

2. Daiwa Sea line

This fishing rod is made from graphite which makes it extremely lightweight and strong enough to catch large fish easily. It enables you to make fast and accurate casts over long distances due to its aluminum oxide guides.

These guides are polished using diamonds to make them extremely smooth and almost frictionless, allowing the line to pass through quickly and reach longer distances due to reduced drag.

Best Budget-friendly Surf Fishing Rods

It has split grip handles which not only look good but also give the rod a technical advantage: Their design is ideal for heavy action and this helps you hold onto the rod firmly as you pull in the fish.

3. Bluefin Hurricane

Hurricane Bluefin is probably the most affordable, quality fishing rod on the market. It might seem too slim and light to catch big fish but this rod is not weak. It is made entirely from lightweight fiberglass, which is also very strong.

This fishing rod comes in 2 pieces that need to be fitted together in order to form the complete rod. The resulting complete rod is long enough for longer casting when surf fishing.

4. Okuma Solaris

Okuma Solaris is a graphite fishing rod that is a whopping 10 feet long. 10 feet might be quite hard to transport so the rod comes as 2 pieces that fit firmly in each other, giving you one long pole to work with.

The rod’s tip is quite sensitive and will detect the slightest movement on the bait, letting you know if there is a catch. It has aluminum oxide inserts on its stainless steel guides and these protect the line from snapping due to friction and also enable you to make fast and accurate casts.

Best Budget-friendly Surf Fishing Rods


All these fishing rods are available for less than $100, which is ideal for any beginner when it comes to fishing. They have all the basic features required to perform well when surf fishing with some being made from graphite and carbon fiber, showing that cheap might not be expensive at times.

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