Best Bicycles for Children

We all know the benefits of doing sports on a regular basis. And what better time to start practicing sports than childhood. Buying bicycles for children can be one of the best ways for our children to start physical activities while having fun.

But the world of cycling has become so specialized that even buying children’s bicycles can become a truly daunting task. But you can rest easy because we are here to try to solve all the doubts at the moment of acquiring the first bike for your little one.

Best Bicycles for Children

Guide to Buying Bicycles for Children

What bike for children to buy? What is the best children’s bike for my child’s age? There will be few questions that will assail us after checking the variety of models of bikes for children that we can find in the market.

However, we can assure you that, having clear the set of factors in which we must set ourselves to choose the correct bicycle, the purchase decision will be a breeze, and you can be sure that your son or daughter will enjoy the beautiful with a bike suitable for your age.

Size: probably, it is the most important issue that we should consider. And, despite the popular belief that it is better to buy large bicycles for children with the aim that they can use them for longer, the truth is that, if they do not present the right size for the child’s age and height, The bike will be uncomfortable to use and, even worse, dangerous, as the child will not reach with his feet on the ground or he may have difficulty in exerting adequate pressure on the brakes.

Later in the guide, we will make a classification of bicycles according to their size and age/height for which they are recommended.

Weight: the weight has a great impact on how manageable the bicycle will be. Therefore, we must try that the chosen model is as light as possible so that our children do not become very “uphill” the handling of their first bike.

Special features: pedal brakes, fixed opinion, different configurations for handlebars or frame geometry. The possibilities are endless, so, it is best to choose those characteristics with which the child feels more comfortable and with confidence at the time of riding. It may also be advisable to start with a balance bike for children, with which you will develop the necessary control and balance (you can consult our bicycle guide without pedals ).

Design: if we want our children’s hobbies for the bicycle to last over time and not let them abandon the first ones of change, it is important that we let the children choose the designs and colors that are most attractive to them. After all, they are the ones who will use them.

Safety accessories: safety should be something that we take very seriously when using a bicycle, and more in the case of children. Therefore, in addition to a helmet to prevent injuries in case of falls, it is advisable to buy other accessories, such as front and rear lights for low visibility occasions, wheels to prevent falls during the first steps of the child with the bike, etc.

Price: do you know the saying that “cheap is expensive”? It is a very common mantra in the world of cycling, so it is not convenient to look for the cheapest children’s bicycles on the market since they will present a worse finish, offer a questionable quality, and could be less safe when using less resistant materials.

With this, we do not tell you to buy the most expensive model of the stores, but you do try to find a balance between good features and reasonable prices.

Comparison of Children’s Bicycles 2018

Aspects such as the quality or price of a bike are defined by the different characteristics of the model in question (size, materials with which it is manufactured, type of brakes used, etc.). In order to see it in a more graphic way, we have carried out an interesting comparison of children’s bicycles.

In it, we have faced several very different models each other, covering various types (from bikes balance to mountain bikes for children ) and various price ranges (both bikes children cheap as more sophisticated and expensive models). Let’s know the results of our comparison of 2018 children’s bicycles :

The Best Bicycles for Children of 2018

What are the best children’s bicycles of 2018? Making a decision categorically does not seem like the best option, because, depending on the child’s height, their tastes or the type of use that is going to give, we can find more recommended models than others.

For this reason, for this section of the guide, we have decided to use as a criterion the positive evaluations made by users who have already purchased these bicycles and who have wanted to share their degree of satisfaction with the rest of the potential buyers. Therefore, although they may not be the best bikes for children in the world, they have proven to be able to convince other demanding parents that, like you and me, we look for the best for our children:

Unisex Bike for Kids – Royal Baby Freestyle

We started with the Unisex Bicycle for Children – Royal Baby Freestyle, a very interesting model, which offers a good value for money.

Among its most important features, we must point out its frame and steel rims, its drum brakes on both wheels, its coated chain, its bell or its water bottle.

As we can see, it is a complete children’s bike that also allows us to choose between several sizes (12, 14 or 16 inches) and several colors (blue, red or green).

Classic Children’s Bike – Bike Star

Our next proposal is this Classic Children’s Bicycle – Bike Star, which, as its name says, bets on classic lines that will appeal to both the little ones and those parents who yearn for their old children’s bicycles.

Impact-resistant metal paint, steel frame, adjustable height and angle handlebars, pedal brakes, adjustable saddle, mudguard for both wheels, front basket, a rear support for transporting things … What else can a bike be asked to do? Children?

Bicycle for Children PROMETHEUS 16 Inches

Come now with the Children’s Bicycle PROMETHEUS 16 Inches , whose manufacturers say that safety is the main value of this model, because we are in front of a children’s bike that meets all the requirements in terms of safety imposed by the European Union ( DIN EN 14765 ) and its equivalent in the United States ( ISO 8098 ).

Another of the most noteworthy attractions of this bike is its high degree of ergonomics because its comfortable seat is joined by the possibility of adjusting the height and inclination of both handlebars and the seat itself, so that any child can ride in the bicycle with a comfortable and safe posture.

The brakes have also been designed putting the safety of the small ones first since the bike has a pedal brake for the rear wheel and a side brake for the front.

BIKESTAR Premium Cruiser Children’s Bike

Finally, we also want to talk about the BIKESTAR Premium Cruiser Children’s Bike, another model that enjoys great acceptance among parents and children, and that bets on attractive lines and a very sporty design.

As usual in BikeStar children’s bikes, we find brakes of the Coaster type (the speed of the bicycle is reduced when pedaling backward), metallic paint resistant to chafing and impacts, and adjustable saddle and handlebars (both in height and in inclination).

The Best Brands of Children’s Bikes

What are the best brands of children’s bicycles? Many manufacturers are fighting to win favors from the public, creating attractive children’s bikes. However, not all these manufacturers get that extra “little step” that differentiates the bikes for good children and the best children’s bikes.

Next, we want to present some of the firms that do have that “plus” that makes buying their models a total guarantee of success and that, therefore, we can consider them as the best brands of children’s bicycles :

  • PROMETHEUS Bicycles
  • Dino Bikes
  • BikeStar

Buy Children’s Bicycles PROMETHEUS Bicycles

The bicycles for children PROMETHEUS Bicycles, as we said in the review of one of its models, attach great importance to safety, and its manufacturers strive to ensure that each of the models launched on the market meets all the requirements established by the EU and the United States on security matters.

Their models, at first glance, are very similar to each other, since this brand has specialized in a very specific design, and only varies the size, colors and small details. This, which could seem like a handicap, acts as the hallmark of the children’s bikes PROMETHEUS Bicycles.

Buy Bicycles for Children Dino Bikes

Fun … That’s the word that best defines children’s bikes Dino Bikes. And it is that, to the entertaining thing that is in itself to mount in bicycle, it is necessary to add the hallucinating designs with which they count the models of this mark, that is inspired by recognized personages of cartoons or the world of the comedian, like the Turtles Ninja, The Avengers, Peppa Pig, Frozen or Hello Kitty.

Therefore, if you want to encourage the practice of physical activities in your child, a good way to do it is to buy children’s bicycles Dino Bikes, because their irresistible designs will make the kids spend days and days enjoying healthy bike rides accompanied by their Favorite animation characters.

Buy BikeStar Children’s Bikes

The children ‘s bicycles BikeStar has also earned the right to appear on our list of leading brands, not only thanks to its undeniable quality, but also the variety of sizes offered, allowing us to find a suitable bike for our son, regardless of age or height.

As for their designs, the BikeStar children’s bikes are characterized by their classic lines and by the models of children’s bikes.

If you want to buy BikeStar children’s bikes, these models might interest you.

Balance Bicycles (for Children from 2 to 5 years old)

The balance bikes, also known as balance bicycles, are characterized by the absence of pedals (to move forward the impulse made by children with their feet on the ground is used), and they represent a very practical and fun way for children to acquire the balance and control needed to stay on the 2 wheels.

This makes them the ideal choice as bicycles for children from 2 to 5 years old. If your child is in that age range, you are still interested in buying balance bikes like these.

Small Wheels Bicycles (for children from 3 to 6 years old)

In this category we would include 3 different sizes of wheels:

  • 12-inch children’s bicycles
  • 14-inch children’s bicycles
  • 16-inch children’s bicycles


Best Bicycles for Children

We could consider them as an alternative with pedals to balance bikes that we have just commented since they are aimed at a very similar age range. If you are looking for bicycles for children from 3 to 6 years old, you should take them into account.

Medium Wheel Bicycles (for Children from 6 to 9 years old)

Like bicycles for children from 6 to 9 years old, we must make a small jump in the size of the wheels, in the same way, that we have increased the age range.

Therefore, the children ‘s 18 – inch bikes and children ‘s bicycles 20 inches are perfect for this age group. This increase in size will delight our children, as the design of these bikes and begins to resemble adult bikes, and they will be proud to carry a ” bike for older children .”

Big Wheel Bicycles (for Children from 9 to 14 years old)

The last age group before reaching the models for adults are the bicycles for children from 9 to 14 years old, which already have a considerable size of wheels and body.

Here, we would have 24-inch children’s bikes, which have little or nothing to envy in terms of size to older bikes.

As we can see in the sample models that we attach, its design is already similar to that of the typical mountain bikes or mountain bikes, and few details make us think that we are in front of children’s bicycles.

How to Choose Bicycles for Children according to their Height

If the categorization by age that we have just done still presents some doubts, we will try to simplify the process of choosing children’s bicycle, using the height of the children as a criterion.

Thus, as a reference, we can establish the following correlations (child’s height/bicycle size):

  • Up to 90 cm – 12-inch bicycles
  • From 90 cm to 1.05 m – 14-inch bicycles
  • From 1.05 m to 1.20 m – 16-inch bicycles
  • From 1.20 m to 1.35 m – 20-inch bicycles
  • From 1.35 m to 1.55 m – 24-inch bicycles
  • How to Decorate Bicycles for Children?

Do you want your little one to be the neighborhood sensation thanks to a designer bike and exclusive colors? In that case, you just need to have a bit of skill with the brushes and, in a matter of minutes, you can have the coolest bike you’ve ever seen.

Best Bicycles for Children

Buy Cheap Children Bicycles

Any parent is willing to make the greatest effort to see a smile on their children’s faces, but there are times when the budget does not give more than itself and it is impossible for us to buy what we most want. In the case at hand, would we have to give up buying their longed-for bike? None of that: we can always try to buy bikes for cheap kids.

For this, we have several options, from opting for lesser-known and prestigious brands (which will always have inexpensive children’s bikes compared to the most popular brands) to buying used children’s bicycles. And if we choose to buy children’s bikes online, we should not stop looking at the prices of stores like Amazon, where you can find very interesting bargains.

The Best Selling Bicycles for Children of 2018

And speaking of Amazon, we want to put the end of our shopping guide for children’s bicycles with an interesting list that shows the most sold children’s bicycles in that online store. This way you will be able to know the preferences of other parents.

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