Top All Terrain Vehicles For Leisure

All Terrain Vehicles For Leisure

The ATV or all-terrain vehicle and its close relative UTV or utility vehicle were originated as the clumsy and ugly farm equipment, with as much power as Vespa.

They were ridiculous vehicles that any outdoor enthusiast, sportsman or responsible person would not give their son or daughter to use.

Besides the dirt bikes, UTVs and ATVs are not only very useful vehicles but also the very exciting fun off-roading vehicle for touring and adventure sports. When you are ready to buy an ATV, you should consider all-terrain vehicles mentioned below.

You can take these vehicles to into the deep forests, high mountains and sandy beaches without any tension of getting dirty or wet. You may wonder that which model AYV or UTV will be suitable for you.

Well, there is no need to worry because we have included Top 6 ATV or UTV vehicles in our list for your help.

Let’s check them out:

Raptor 700R (SE) by Yamaha

There are very few vehicles exists that can compete the raptor in 4 wheels category. You will feel the improved acceleration and pickup due to the 10:1 compression ratio. Because Yamaha has made this vehicle as powerful as possible.

They also successfully improve the overall mileage of the vehicle for longer rides. The rear shock absorbed spring is 262mm in length which ensures the smooth and comfortable ride. However, you won’t see it because springs are hidden inside the body. It provides a comfortable ride even in roughest bumps or while riding on a mountain or hill.

FourTrax Rincon by Honda:

It is a fact that ATV vehicles by the Honda flagship do not come under the “standard”. But It is the perfect choice for those who want to ride ATV on sand or woodlands because it is going anywhere and do what you want type vehicle.

It has a powerful 675cc engine, O2 sensor and catalytic converter that provide great mileage by keeping emission down. Its extra mileage allows this vehicle to ride to longer distances.

Sportsman 570 (SP) Polaris:

It is designed for the lone hunter because it offers exciting features like 2500 lbs winch, gun scabbard, headlights, work lights, and hand warmers for chilling nights. It has extra leg space and additional storage pockets that spread around the entire chassis.

It helps you to store all your tools and dressing necessary for the hunting. It also looks very stylish which make it ideal for a little adventure trip. With this ATV you can load some stock food or ration and go for a camping or off-road trip.

Switchback by Hunton:

Hybrids vehicle is very stylish and cute but they are enough powerful to climb any hill or mountain. However, they have not overpowered vehicle.

The switchback is also a hybrid vehicle with an eco-friendly 300 cc gasoline engine and semi-electric technology. It has an electric generator that provides the additional support for the 300cc gasoline engine for longer rides in comparison to any regular fuel-driven ATV.

Even, you can climb a hill in the 4WD mode without using a single drop of fuel. Stealthy hunters love the electric mode to sneak up silently to their prey. It is ideal for the hunters.

Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS by Kawasaki:

It is one of the most heavy-duty and powerful ATV that allow you to drive it confidently even during the harshest months. It comes with 749 cc engine with V-twin technology. It has superior stability and handling that allow you to take a steep turn without losing the grip. Both rear and front suspensions are independent wishbones.

These suspensions make your ride slipping and sliding free on ice and gravel. It also comes with EPS or electric power steering that makes it very easy to handle in toughest roads.

Super Duty Diesel (700) Arctic Cat:

This vehicle is not only for the sportsperson but also for those who work for a living. It has a 686cc 2-stroke engine that generates solid torque. It also contains 2/4-wheel drive(electronic) with separate locks.

Total weight of this vehicle is 3000 lb and it also has a winch with 500 feet long cable to save the stuck ATVs.

With this vehicle, you will climb like a champion and ride for your pleasure as well.

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