AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach

Hard work, dedication, and consistency are the keys to becoming a great shot. Trainers or instructors might be a great deal of help if you want to achieve this but they cannot pick up the fine details such as the subtle movements that have a big impact on your shooting performance.

However, the all-new AimSteady – wearable marksmanship coach picks up these fine details so as to mentor, motivate and improve your handgun techniques. The device monitors your movements and gives you real-time feedback so that you never take your eye off the sight.

To help you understand how it works, we have compiled a list of its features and how they make it work below:

1. Precision Movement Sensors

These sensors are the core of this wearable coach. Most bad shots are usually as a result of a lack of motor skills, in which the brain, muscles and nervous system fail to coordinate in order to make an accurate shot.
To improve these skills, your brain must receive immediate feedback so as to make adjustments accordingly. However, in a shooting range, this is not possible because firing is done rapidly and you can’t take your eye off the sight to check where the last round landed.

Using its sensors, this gadget captures movement errors, grip stability and recovery time before, during and after each shot, then gives you real-time feedback via audio. This information lets you adjust immediately before taking the nest shot and hence, improves your motor skills.

2. Bluetooth connectivity with Mobile App

After gathering all this information, AimSteady sends it to a mobile app for analysis. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, enabling you to store your shots so that you can view trends, do a performance review and connect & compete with your peers to see who’s best.

Apart from this, you can adjust the difficulty level of your training via the app so as to fit your skill level for continued improvement.

The phone is also responsible for giving you real-time feedback via its speakers or earphones as you fire the handgun.

3. Weatherproof Design

Structurally, the wearable piece, which is in the form of a ring, has a sealed rugged design that is weatherproof and therefore, it does not matter whether you are practicing indoors or outdoors.

4. Wireless Charging

To keep the coach powered up, an embedded long-lasting battery is incorporated inside and it is charged wirelessly using a wireless charging unit that is included in the package. This unit is also a portable power bank, which means that you can recharge your ring even when the power is off.

5. One Size Fits All

As stated earlier, AimSteady is a wearable ring and to give it a universal fit, inserts size 6-15 are included for personal comfort.


As you can see, repetitive shooting will not help you as much if you want to improve the accuracy of your shots. Instead, making the necessary adjustments so as to improve your motor skills and muscle memory is the key. Therefore, to avoid taking months of training with little improvement, invest in AimSteady and get to improve your handgun skills in a much shorter time.

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