The 9 Best Cheap Trail Running Backpacks

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Going into nature needs to have the right equipment, and within this equipment is to have a specific backpack to transport all the objects you need.

Food, drinks, snacks, creams, money, first aid kit, mobile phone, keys, in short, the cheap trail running backpacks on the market are ideal for transporting everything you need for your careers and outdoor adventures.

In recent years, the sale of trail running backpacks has skyrocketed, but this increase in sales has led to the emergence of many different models and designs for all tastes, needs, and pockets, which makes it difficult to choose a certain model.

In this complete guide, we have focused on comparing more than 35 models of trail running backpacks, selecting those nine best models of the market for consumers, the backpacks that offer a better value for money.

Throughout this guide you will find three useful and valuable sections that will help you decide which is the best backpack that should accompany you on your adventures:

  • Before buying a backpack: Key tips
  • Comparison of brands and prices
  • The 9 best cheap trail running backpacks on the market

If you are clear about what you want, in the following links, you will find our recommendations and the general catalog. If you need more information or do not know what are the best options currently offered by the market … read on!

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Before Buying a Backpack: Key Tips

If you are a lover of trail running and it has become your favorite sport, there is no doubt that you need to have one of the cheap trail running backpacks. To cross paths of mountains, mounts, hills, to cross rivers and streams, or to descend abrupt descents requires of good equipment.


The 9 Best Cheap Trail Running Backpacks

Trail running backpacks will become great allies for your outdoor tours, but before choosing between one model or another, it is convenient to know exactly what your specific needs are so as not to leave out any relevant detail.

Before buying any backpack for trail running, it is convenient that you keep in mind the following recommendations to make a good choice:

It is essential that your backpack adapts as much as possible to your back to take it as close to it as possible, preventing it from moving in the race

It is advisable that it be flexible so that it is as comfortable as possible to maneuver with it.

It is important that you have as many compartments as possible so that you can properly transport all your items, beverages, food, and everything you need.

It is vital that the capacity of your backpack is consistent with everything you need to transport in it, so make sure you have the right size. Think carefully about the weight you can endure as you run before filling your backpack

Choose always that model of less weight so that it does not suppose a greater load to your back.

It is convenient that you have a good hydration system to drink water easily during your trip.

Bet on the main brands of the market, in this way you guarantee an excellent quality at an attractive price. Highlights brands such as The North Face, Salomon, Adidas, Nike, Asics, Mizuno, among others

The choice of a specific backpack will depend mainly on three main aspects: your needs, your budget and the design of it so that you do not forget any of these points.

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Comparison of Brands and Prices of Cheap Trail Running Backpacks

Buying one of the cheap trail running backpacks is not a decision that should be taken lightly since a bad decision can make a difference. Obviously, choosing a high-quality model will allow you to enjoy a good experience in your travels.

The trail running is a sport that requires the adequate equipment to be able to develop the activity satisfactorily and, next to the footwear, the backpack that you choose is a key aspect to take care of. If you do not want to err in your choice, it is convenient that you do not get carried away just for the price.

Many are the doubts that can enter brokers on what is the best backpack to practice trail running, and it is not surprising given the extensive range of possibilities that are presented in the market.

If you do not want to regret your choice, it is best if you pay special attention to every one of the characteristics of your backpack before making a final decision about it:

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Capacity: Always opt for that backpack whose capacity will allow you to enter everything that you can specify in your career, but remember not to overload your backpack. Otherwise it will reverberate in the race. Most have a capacity of 10-12 liters.

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Flexible: It is convenient that your backpack is flexible, never too rigid, since in this way you guarantee to have behind your back a comfortable backpack and that allows you to maneuver with the greatest ease during the journey.

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Compartments: It is convenient that your backpack has the largest possible number of compartments or pockets, thus comfortably transporting the necessary objects without problems.

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Ergonomics: To enjoy the greatest possible comfort or comfort it is essential that your backpack is ergonomic. In other words, it is convenient that it adapts as much as possible to the anatomy of your back, trying to make it as fair as possible.

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Weight: The ideal is that it has little weight and is as light as possible to be able to carry the lowest possible weight during your races. In recent years, backpacks have sprung up with materials of reduced weight.

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Hydration System: Being a sport in which there is significant physical wear, it is key to keep the body perfectly hydrated at all times, so it is convenient that your backpack has an effective hydration system.

For the TOP 9, read on! 

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The 9 Best Cheap Trail Running Backpacks

The Most Sold Brands of Trail Running Backpacks on the Market

In the market you can find mainly three brands of cheap trail running backpacks that triumph among consumers, those brands in which the greatest number of adventurers place their trust:

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Salomon: It is the brand par excellence of the market for trail running backpacks, in fact, this brand is considered as a whole universe for lovers of this sport. Their backpacks are resistant, durable, lightweight, comfortable and with perfect finishes.

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The North Face: It is one of the reference brands of lovers of trail running, as they provide backpacks of high quality at a truly attractive price. To all this, we must add their particular designs, all of them following the same pattern as the hallmark of the brand.

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Chiruca: Another brand that triumphs are the well-known Chiruca brand, a brand that offers paw packs for trail running and many other outdoor sports activities. They are very light and with a perfect fit so that they move with you in every movement.

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Tucuman Adventure AKI111.1

This technical backpack for trail running is characterized by being ultralight and made of 100% polyester. It is perfect for any mountain sport. It fits perfectly to the waist and chest thanks to its adjustable settings

It has the capacity for 10 liters, breathable tapes and an outer pocket that closes with a zipper. Its backrest is perfectly padded for comfort and has a ventilation system. Practical, small and comfortable.

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Joluvi 231583

It is a backpack specially designed to enjoy the outputs of trail running and trekking. It has an ergonomic and lightweight design, ideal to enjoy your careers without carrying too much weight.

It has a fully breathable semi-rigid back system that is adapted for a hydration system (1.5 liters). It is made of Ripstop ripstop polyester, making it perfect for your mountain getaways.

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Chiruca B00WH1637Y

This versatile backpack is especially recommended for trail running and other active mountain sports. It has an external front pocket, as well as 2 side compartments.

It has support straps on the chest and waist. It weights 378 grams and capacity of up to 11 liters. It is one of the cheapest trail running backpacks best valued by consumers.

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The North Face T0CE83JK3

With a weight of 794 kilos and dimensions of 34 x 17 x 47.5 cm, this backpack in black and with a capacity of up to 30 liters has comfortable seams and lateral rack support to place the bottle.

It has a FlexVent shoulder strap, as well as a large main compartment and a side compartment.

In black, it should be noted that this backpack is perfect for your outdoor adventures and enjoy comfortably.

The 9 Best Cheap Trail Running Backpacks

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This backpack in black and yellow is an ideal model for lovers of trail running. It has a capacity of up to 15 liters and is light since it only weighs 270 grams.

Modern, comfortable and resistant, this backpack for trail running is presented as one of the best alternatives on the market for those looking for a novel, sophisticated and ergonomic design. It has a large compartment for your objects.

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Salomon 371705

This backpack, in red and green, is very comfortable and practical, perfect to transport all your items easily. It has a capacity of up to 20 liters and has braces with 3D mesh.

It is made with durable and resistant materials, in addition to having reflective elements that guarantee better visibility and safety, especially during those training sessions that take place in the afternoon.

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Salomon Bag Rucksack Trail 20

In gray and black and with capacity for up to 16 liters, this backpack has dimensions of 48.0 x 24.0 x 18.0 cm and a weight of 500 grams. Made of nylon and polyethylene, this backpack has two external grille compartments.

Comfortable, practical, resistant, durable, ergonomic, to tell the truth, one of the best backpacks of the Salomon brand that you can find.

This functional backpack is ideal for those who start in the trail running as for experts in this sport.

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The North Face T0A1Q2JK3

This backpack, suitable for trail running, hiking and trekking, is a safe bet for adventurers who want to enjoy this outdoor sport. It has numerous compartments to transport your objects.

With a weight of 325 grams, this backpack has bottles attached, a strap that fits perfectly to the chest and dimensions of 65 x 45 x 15 cm.

This black backpack has a capacity of up to 8 liters.

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The North Face Rücksack Casimir 32

This backpack in black, with capacity for 32 liters, has multiple compartments and pockets to carry your items. Ideal for all your adventures in the mountains.

Made of ripstop nylon, this backpack is light, small, robust and very versatile. It has a harness as well as an anatomical and adjustable hip belt. It has measures of 30 x 17 x 59 cm and a weight of 934 grams.

As you can see, there is everything. Backpacks that will adjust to your budget and allow you to enjoy your careers and outdoor adventures guaranteeing the highest satisfaction.

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